1 99 6 99 8 Efficiencies (%) 119 109 119 97 101 QL (ge/reaction)

1 99.6 99.8 Efficiencies (%) 119 109 119 97 101 QL (ge/reaction) <100 <100 <100 ND <100 DL (95%) (ge/reaction)

ND ND ND ND 6 Ct (cycle threshold) set at 0.02. ND stands for not determined, QL for Quantification Limit, and DL for Detection Limit. Table 3 Detection of the atpE gene (locus Rv1305 in M. tuberculosis genome) in different Mycobacterium species Avapritinib manufacturer (25 ± 15 ng of DNA) and non-mycobacterial microorganisms (50 ± 15 ng of DNA)   Microorganism codificationa Microorganism Results A CPS MC13 M. find more arupense Detected   CPS MC11 M. austroafricanum Detected   ATCC 25291T M. avium subsp. avium Detected   CIP 1173/P2 M. bovis (BCG) Detected   ATCC 19977T M. chelonae spp. abscessus Detected   ATCC 35752T M. chelonae spp. chelonae Detected   CIP 105388 T M. gadium Detected   ATCC 14470T M. gordonae Detected   ATCC 6841T M. fortuitum spp. fortuitum Detected   CPS MC8 M. insubricum Detected   ATCC 15985T M. intracellulare Detected   ATCC 12478T M. kansasii Detected   CIP 105465T M. lentiflavum Detected   THAI 53 M. leprae

Detected   CPS MC10 M. llatzerense Detected   ATCC 927T M. marinum Detected   CIP 105223T M. mucogenicum Detected   CIP 106811T M. nonchromogenicum Detected   CPS MC6 M. psychrotolerans Detected   ATCC 14467T M. peregrinum Detected   CPS MC9 M. porcinum Detected   CIP 105416T M. scrofulaceum Detected   CPS MC7 M. setense Detected   ATCC 25275T M. simiae Detected   ATCC 19420T M. smegmatis Detected   ATCC 35799T M. szulgai Detected   CIP 104321T M. terrae Detected   CIP 106368 M. tusciae Detected   ATCC 25618T M. tuberculosis (H37Rv) Detected   CPS CR08085632 Glycogen branching enzyme M. ulcerans Detected   ATCC 19250T M. www.selleckchem.com/products/4egi-1.html xenopi Detected B CMR SC10 Acinetobacter sp. ND   CMR SC9 Aeromonas sp. ND   CMR SC23 Arthrobacter sp. ND   CMR SC44 Aspergillus sp. ND   CMR SC5 Bacillus sp. ND   CMR SC24 Brevundimonas sp. ND   ATCC 6871T

C. ammoniagenes ND   ATCC 13032T C. glutamicum ND   ATCC 10700T C. pseudodiphtheriticum ND   CMR SC35 Escherishia sp. ND   CMR SC19 Flavobacterium sp. ND   ATCC 43504T Helicobacter pylori ND   CMR SC45 Kocuria sp. ND   CMR SC31 Leuclercia sp. ND   CMR SC28 Leucobacter sp. ND   CMR SC29 Microbacterium sp. ND   CMR SC3 Micrococcus sp. ND   DSM 44546T N. cerradoensis ND   DSM 44490T N. cummidelens ND   IFM 10152 N. farcinica ND   CMR SC42 Penicillium sp. ND   CMR SC1 Pseudomonas sp. ND   CMR SC26 Rhodococcus sp. ND   CMR SC34 Serracia fonticola ND   CMR SC22 Solibacillus sp. ND   CMR SC12 Staphylococcus caprae ND   CMR SC6 Staphylococcus hominis ND   CMR SC46 Staphylococcus lugdunensis ND   CMR SC49 Streptomyces sp. ND   CMR SC41 Trichoderma sp. ND TaqMan® real-time PCR amplification was performed using forward primer FatpE, reverse primer RatpE and probe PatpE in duplicate assays. ND stands for not detected sigmoidal curve. aATCC: American Type Culture Collection; CPS: Collection de la Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris, France; T: type strain; CIP: Collection de l′Institut Pasteur, Paris, France; CMR: Collection de Microorganismes de Radomski et al.

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